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Did you start a new art journal today?

Happy New Year!

Did you start a new art journal today?

I did.


I wanted to get back to creating art journal pages. I dug up one of my unopened art journals from the pile that I have stored in the corner.

Gathered my paints together and cracked open the new art journal to a blank page.


Usually a blank page makes me draw a blank, but not today. I’ll discuss that blank page business another time 🙂

Today, I know what I’m going to do on this page.


Something simple and quick for the beginning of the new year. No need to overthink it.


Did you start a new art journal today?
art journal page – Good things will happen in 2016


See? Simple, no need to make it complicated.


Sometimes you want to just write and paint, and leave it be.


This is supposed to be play.


Go-with-the-flow time.


Get “messy” time.


Do you agree?


Discuss art journaling

So, did you start a new art journal today? Tell me all about it:

Art Journal – Fly

art journal
from thekathrynwheel via Flickr


from Neija Zeugme via Flickr

5 words

from Cali-rhoz via Flickr

Pink and Nate, just give me a reason

from jellina-creations via Flickr

Art journal – Doodle

from thekathrynwheel via Flickr

Wear a Flower in Your Hair…

I agree…

Where Music was born…

another great art discovery…this time it’s from

An art poster with different genres of music in typeface placed inside of the silhouette of an African tree.

Bulgarian folklore stamps

I found this on

Stamps created by Bulgarian artist Stefan Kanchev. I love the color scheme on this stamp and some of his other work.

Check it out at