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Art journal – Doodle

from thekathrynwheel via Flickr

Street in Montmartre…

I haven’t explored Flickr for new photos lately…….

found this photo of a street in Paris. Lovely!

Washing Machine Drums Turned Into Lamps

I’m a sucker for recycled items…check out these lamps made from the drum of a washing machine!

Caran d’Ache Neocolor II

Building my art wishlist………..item #1 – Caran d’Ache Neocolor II set of 84 or better yet…set of 126!

mini canvas art

The minimalist in me covets these black & white mini canvas text art pieces!

Unusual Decorating Idea: Wall Staple Art

Amazing use of staples to create mural art…

Marriage of pen and photo

Just wanted to share these amazing photos where the artist has drawn the scene and incorporated them into the photo taken.

Great work!

more photos on Flickr

Mini Goals Clockboards and Chalkboards

I found this treasure while I was wandering around looking for new craft blogs to be inspired by and…voila!

I love these mini goals chalkboards and clockboards…a great visual reminder to get up and do something!

visit: MaryKate McDevitt etsy shop

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Lego Love

I’m a color lover and these pics of different ways to use Lego blocks are a great use of color!

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