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Paint, spray water, scrape….

New technique alert!

I love it when I come across a new way to make backgrounds for my art journals…

even better? it’s simple and I have everything I need…no side trip to the art store (drat)!

Placemat Textured Papers

Need some decorative papers for a project or craft? Make your own in a few minutes with a bamboo placemat and an inkpad.

Go Make Something shows you how in this tutorial.

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easy inkjet image transfers

I LOVE using the image transfer process in my work…sometimes I don’t want to paste paper images onto my work and would like a smoother finish.

Enter image transfers.

I don’t have easy access to a copy machine and I have a all-in-one inkjet printer, so I came across this tutorial on using transparency sheets with your inkjet printer from Crafty Musings by Hagit.


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Try a “handmade” background…

I’m always looking for easy and new techniques to add to my arsenal….

can’t wait to try this one.

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this piece spoke to me…

simple…but complex.

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